jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

Se viene el Tavor X95 de 7.62mm

IWI Developing A 7.62mm Tavor X95 Rifle 

The IDF and IWI are developing a version of the Tavor X95 rifle chambered in 7.62mm. YNet reports (Translated into English by Joe) … 

In addition to Tavor, the IDF continued attempts to improve it. This is what the micro version, which used by the fighters and includes Elite units. In addition, there will be an experiment to improve the level of lethality by the bullets by replacing the regular 5.56mm to 7.62mm, the same bullet in the MAG that is currently used – and the weapons will become more lethal. 

“One of the main things the U.S. Army learned from the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, is that the 5.56mm is not lethal enough, and sometimes not at all,” he explained to Ynet from the army. “Second Lebanon War, we also increased the need for increased lethality. If the experiments are successful, the change over to 7.62mm and putting them in the magazines [of the soldiers in the field] will be fast. Nowadays, DMR infantry can get with 5.56,, an effective damage range of 300 meters, with 7.62mm he could reach -450-400 meters and can be deadly enough to neutralize the goal" 

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