martes, 16 de abril de 2013

Estonia retira sus radares soviéticos del servicio

Estonia Retires Last Soviet-Era Radars 

Estonia’s Air Defense Forces have dismantled their last obsolete Soviet-made radars, the General Staff of the country’s armed forces said on Thursday. 
One P-37 type radar will be installed as a monument at the Amari military base, while another will be sent to an aviation museum. 
At present, two radar stations monitor Estonia’s airspace - a TPS-77 at Kallavere, in western Estonia and an ASR-8 at Amari, not far from Tallinn. 
In late March, a new radar station will be opened on Muhu Island featuring a medium-range Ground Master 430 3D air-defense radar with an effective range of up to 470 kilometers (295 miles) and an altitude of up to 30 kilometers (100,000 feet). 

Another post-Soviet republic, Belarus, said in mid-February it would replace a Russian radar station with an indigenous one and dispose of its Russian-made Sukhoi Su-27 fighters. 

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