jueves, 26 de diciembre de 2013

2 nuevos regimientos de S-400 para el ejército ruso

2 S-400 regiments delivered to Russian Army

MOSCOW, December 26 - RIA Novosti. Concern "Almaz-Antey" on Wednesday, the Defense Ministry gave two sets of regimental air missile system (AAMS) S-400 "Triumph", told reporters on Thursday, the press service of the concern.
"So far, the Russian army were already five regiments of S-400" Triumph ", now the troops sent two more," - said in a statement.

Thus, the plan in 2013 under a contract with the Defense Ministry on serial deliveries of S-400 "Triumph", "according to the program gosvooruzheniya 2020, is made in full.

"In accordance with the planning documents we produce two or three sets of regimental year. Volumes next year will only grow, they will not fall," - the press service quoted the words of CEO Head System Design Bureau (GSKB) Vitaly Neskorodova.

Earlier, the head of Concern Vladislav Menshikov noted that in the last two years putting these anti-missile systems is carried out in a new format: SAM until recently supplied a separate division, now the whole anti-missile system comes complete.

According to the press service, tested the technique on the range "Kapustin Yar" at different speed modes. After this has been successfully worked out standards for the transition vehicles traveling to combat and combat made initial target shooting, simulating low-altitude, high-speed and ballistic targets.

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