lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014

Ejercicio Penerbad entre Indonesia y el US Army

Penerbad Exercise Jointly with the US Army 

AH-64 Apache and Mi-35 

Semarang - A total of 15 helicopters will be involved in joint exercises (Latma) Army and US Army in password Garuda Garuda Shield or Shield. The exercise involved personnel from various branches of the army, including Penerbad, including 4 Bell-412, BO-2 105, 2 MI-35, MI-17V5 1, 4 Ah 64 Apache, UH-1 60 Black Hawk, and 1 HH-60 Black Hawk.

The exercise involving 207 personnel and 103 personnel from Penerbad US Army Aviation. Exercise with Garuda Shield-8/2014 held on September 1 to 23 coming in Semarang for aviation exercise and in Asembagus Situbondo for ground-force exercise was carried out together with the exercise of aviation materials include aerial reconnaissance, fire support, air mobility maneuvers, and air evacuation. Opening Latma Garuda Shield-8/2014 in Lanumad Ayani Semarang on Monday (1/9) led Danpus Penerbad Brigjend General Benny Susianto with marked signs of embedding training to Army personnel and representatives of the US Army which took place at the airfield Ahmad Yani.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo, in his speech read Danpus Penerbad Brigjend Susianto General Benny said, Latma Garuda Shield is expected to provide an understanding for the trainees to be able to carry out duties as UN peacekeepers.

Also in the country carrying out the tasks related to flight operations. "The exercise is in addition to increasing the professionalism of soldiering and interoperability among the participants. Also expected to increase cooperation, mutual trust, and friendship, "he said.

He added, Latma Garuda Shield this year focused on the matter of peace operations with post rehearsal method (command post exercise). Then carry out a rehearsal exercise field (field training exercises) with the material counter-insurgency operations. Also materials and health care and evacuation drills with Penerbad personnel in tactical operations and air support firing. (H55-39)

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