jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014

Indonesia necesita 60 misiles antibuque

Wamenhan: Indonesia Needs 60 Anti Ship Missile Medium Distance 

Navy requires 60 medium-range missiles SSM to be installed on Quick Ship Missile 

BEIJING (Reuters) - Under Secretary of Defense (Wamenhan) Sjafrie said Indonesia needs about 60 units of guided missile (missile) range is for Quick Ship Missile (KCR) Navy.

"We need about 60 units to be installed in the fast missile boats the Navy," he told Reuters in Beijing on Tuesday.

Indonesia and China have agreed to develop a defense industrial cooperation, one of them in the joint production of missile C-705 is accompanied by the transfer of technology.

"So that we are able to produce it's own, without having to wait for the entire missile we can buy," said Sjafrie.

Currently the Navy is developing two sets ship C-705 missile system and will be paired in some KCR, who is now in the process at some dockyard.

C-705 missile was first introduced to the public in the event the Zhuhai Airshow 7th in 2008 missile was a development of the C-704 and resembles a miniature C-602 missiles.

Compared to the previous generation C-705 comes with some improvements such as the elements of the warhead, and guidance system. With the modular design of the new machine makes range missiles that were previously only capable of up to 80 kilometers to 170 kilometers.


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