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Bombas indonesias en producción

Check the Air Force Bomb Production Preparation DAHANA P 100 L 

Bomb P-100 

DAHANA PT (Persero) is now working on the preparation of the production of military explosives, the bomb P 100 Live for Sukhoi aircraft ammunition. Before well into mass production, the Head of Research and Development of Air Force First Marshal Amirudin Akhmad check directly the development of the means of production are owned preparations by region located Dahana Energetic Materials Center (EMC) Dahana Subang. Arrival Amirrudin Akhmad on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 along with his team immediately greeted by Harry F. DAHANA Sampurno Director of PT (Persero) along with three other directors.

"We want to know, is the extent to which the development of the project preparation Bomb P 100 L that has been done by DAHANA, because prior to the mass production, DAHANA have to prepare Protoype P 100 L which will be our test to get the certification, if it fits our needs, "Akhmad Amirudin light to Dfile.

To see the direct preparation has been done by DAHANA, EMC Team invited to review the equipment already prepared and stored temporarily in Building Workshop DAHANA. It appears some of the equipment that had been prepared at this early stage. Slab mold for density test explosives and heating and cooling equipment that will be used while charging explosives on bomb production P 100L. The team was also invited as a check on laboratory testing and reviewing direct formula meltpour factory which later as aircraft bombs explosives depots Shukoi.

Seeing what has been prepared by DAHANA, Amirudin Akhmad also hoped to soon resolve DAHANA early stages of P 100 L. "We're starting again from scratch, if you see what you have prepared for the first step has been appropriate, therefore I hope this soon realized that later can enter the mass production stage, "said Akhmad Amirudin.

In dealing with this project, DAHANA PT (Persero) is not alone, but took private companies to cooperate, PT Sari Bahari in the manufacture of body P 100 L.

Bomb P 100 L is a bomb that will be installed on the Sukhoi. This bomb has a distinctive color that is green in length 1,130 mm, weighing 100 to 125 kg, a diameter of 27 mm and 410 mm tail length.


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