jueves, 2 de octubre de 2014

La armada All Black acepta nuevos sistemas para sus fragatas

OSI Maritime Systems Completes SAT for the Royal New Zealand Navy

The Integrated Bridge System (IBS) for the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) ANZAC Frigate supplied by OSI Maritime Systems

Burnaby, BC, Canada – As part of the Royal New Zealand Navy ANZAC Frigate program, OSI Maritime Systems (OSI) is pleased to announce the successful completion of the SAT (Sea Acceptance Trials), of OSI’s Integrated Bridge System (IBS), or Integrated Navigation & Tactical System (INTS).

The event is significant. Military integrated bridge systems are installed predominantly only on new build vessels – this is one of a few systems that has been fitted into a warship as part of a mid-life upgrade program.

OSI’s INTS is a fully scalable, IMO and NATO STANAG 4564 WECDIS compliant Integrated Bridge System that offers a flexible design able to meet the requirements of demanding military environments. Centred around OSI’s ECPINS, INTS integrates selected radars and navigation sensors, providing a comprehensive and cost effective IBS. This bridge upgrade has enabled the RNZN to resolve the obsolescence of the navigation radar and reduce manpower requirements on the bridge through the interfacing into the replacement IPMS.

OSI has been supporting the Royal New Zealand Navy warship integrated navigation and tactical system requirements since 2003. The selection of OSI’s INTS for the ANZAC Frigate upgrade program confirms their on-going commitment to the Company’s technology.


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