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Un paracaidista desertor alemán se une a los separatistas ucranianos

Disappeared Bundeswehr soldier deserter paratroopers to fight in eastern Ukraine 

By Matthias Gebauer - Der Spiegel

Fighting in eastern Ukraine: German deserter on the side of the Separatists to Enlarge 
Fighting in eastern Ukraine: German deserter on the side of the separatists
Suspected explosive in the army: A Missing elite soldier from the barracks Seedorf possibly fighting on the side of the separatists in eastern Ukraine. The comrades testified.

Berlin - The German Army is an explosive suspicion after in their own ranks. In the barracks, in Lower Saxony Seedorf is being investigated on suspicion of desertion, confirmed the Ministry of Defense. Thus was one of the paratroopers, one of the elite units of the troops did not appear to serve for a long time. According to him, would now, he looks. From the Forces it was also the soldier may fight on the side of the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. The case reported in the evening, the "Süddeutsche Zeitung".

So far, the details of the case are still sketchy. The Bundeswehr only confirmed the disappearance of the soldiers will classified as a "special event". In the "BV" category are usually crimes or serious misconduct of soldiers from the troops. Thus was the paratroopers who will serve in Seedorf for about two years, initially did not appear to serve for an alleged disease. As it comrades tried to contact on social networks, they learned that he apparently participates in eastern Ukraine in combat.
According to the report of the "SZ" the biography of the man pointing to his motives for desertion to the front in eastern Ukraine out. So should the soldier from the former Soviet Union come, the origin could explain his sympathies with the separatists. He apparently took his battle equipment such as a helmet or vest shot when he disappeared. The armament on the other hand apparently stored until today in the barracks in Seedorf. By default, the paratroopers are equipped with an assault rifle and a pistol.

Fight the German soldier is actually in eastern Ukraine, he is likely to be valuable for the separatists quite. The German paratroopers apply in addition to the fighters of the Special Forces Command (KSK) than sworn elite troops that are trained and equipped to sensitive missions such as hostage rescue or rescue of German citizens. The fighters are used worldwide, universally trained in weapons of all kinds and are regarded as the spearhead of the German Armed Forces. They were for example used in the rescue of German citizens from the Libyan desert that were included are the war there.

Ironically, getting ready in the barracks in Seedorf currently several dozen paratroopers on a possible Bundeswehr mission in eastern Ukraine before. They should protect the realization of an OSCE Mission German soldiers who were watching with drones the fragile truce. How to explain the whereabouts of the deserter soldiers, is currently unclear. The investigative powers of the Federal Armed Forces in eastern Ukraine are rather limited.

Basically, the desertion is a serious offense in the armed forces, already in an unjustified absence of a few days threatens soldiers imprisonment and of course the exclusion from service in the army. Fight the volatile paratroopers actually in eastern Ukraine, him these consequences should not be too shy.

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