viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014

Indonesia explora construir una aeronave anfibia

Two Ministries Explores Development of Amphibious Craft

Coordinating Ministry for maritime and the Ministry of Transportation will make development plans aircraft can land on the sea. (photo: Militaryphotos)

JAKARTA, - Coordinating Ministry maritime states would synergize with the maritime sector policies in the air transport sector.

According to Deputy Infrastructure Coordinating Ministry maritime Ridwan Jamaluddin, co-ordination with the Ministry of Transportation form can be a development plan which aircraft can land on the sea.

"BPPT has developed the aircraft. So the aircraft but landing in the harbor, in the water (sea)," Ridwan said when met at the office of the Ministry of Transportation, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/09/2014).

He claims the superiority aircraft was capable of taking off and landing islands minimal its airport infrastructure. According to Ridwan, it is very useful to connect the Indonesian archipelago.

Currently he added, some of the best results BPPT development was already operating in the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). But when asked whether the government would develop such a model airplane, Ridwan seemed doubtful. Because the financing of the aircraft development requires substantial funds.

"Always dikita the case of industrial R & D results so not many. In BPPT prototype has been finished but do not contrived 100 for example. That is (the cost) is expensive," said Ridwan.


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