jueves, 15 de enero de 2015

Miras ópticas para M4 filipinos

Philipines Marines acquire close combat optics

MANILA (PNA) -- The Philippine Navy (PN) announced that it has acquired 5,000 units of close combat optics which will further enhanced the targeting and aiming capabilities of its brand-new M-4 assault rifles.

The latter is a battery red dot type aiming device.

"We (have) acquired 5,000 units of this purposely to be fitted in the new assault rifles to enhance target acquisition speed of our ground troops," PN vice commander Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad said.

The M-4s replaced the antiquated four decades old M-16 automatic rifle in the Philippine Marine Corps inventory.

Taccad said these weapons will significantly contribute to the development and transformation of the Marines into a multi-mission-oriented force, capable of effectively addressing both internal and external threats.

Some 5,000 M-4 units were distributed to the Navy and Marine outfits last November.


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