domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2015

US Navy subsidia participación peruana en ejercicio naval

US Navy donates money for Peruvian participation in SUBDIEX 2015

Peter Watson
The American Command of Submarine Force Atlantic Fleet  (COMSUBLANT) has notified the Navy of Peru (MGP) has been made available to the Peruvian Ministry of Defense the sum of $ 1,468,000 in funds nonrefundable (donation) in performing the deployment attack submarine BAP Antofagasta SS-32, under the anti-submarine warfare exercise SUBDIEX 2015 (Diesel Submarine Exercises) support.
Specifically, the notification was made by the naval section of the Advisory Group and the Military Assistance US Embassy in Peru to the headquarters of the General Staff of the Peruvian Navy War.
In order to carry out joint exercises with the US Navy on the East Coast of the North American country, the Peruvian submarine will remain deployed between July 15 last until next October 13. To this end, the submarine sailed U209-1200 type from the port of Callao on 23 June.
Following the rules of style, the Defense Ministry has published in the Official Journal Ministerial Resolution 770-2015-DE / MGP, by which accepts and approves the grant funds, the Government acknowledges the contribution of the United States and instructs monitor Proper application of these funds to the Directorate General of International Relations of vice-ministerial office for Defense Policy.

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