jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

Indonesia prueba RPG españoles

Test of Cluster Ammo SLT C90-CR-RB (M3)

Anti-tank rockets pelvis C90-CR (M3) made Spain be tested by the Army 

Housed in Shooting Pusdikif Pussenif Kodiklat Army Bandung Cipatat function tests conducted on Cluster Weapons Fight Tank (SLT) C 90 made in Spain which was held on 10 s / d 11 September 2015.

Function Test material: non-destructive testing through: visual observations, measurements and weight dimensions, construction and equipment. While the destructive Test by Test Test Power Translucent Steel and smooth working.

In the execution of the test was attended by Danpussenif, Dirbinlitbang Pussenif, the general staff of the Army, the Army Research and Development staff and the Kasubdit Ditpalad.

Ditpalad TNI AD

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