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Nuevo obús autopropulsado israelí para los marines tailandeses

Royal Thai Marine Corps Receive Atmos 2000 SPH

A review howitzer Atmos 2000 

Field Artillery Regiment Commander of the Royal Thai Marine Corps (RTMC) with a group to study a howitzer ATMOS 2000 (Autonomous Truck Mounted Howitzer System) which will be operated by the Thai Army (RTA). Atmos 2000 is a type of self-propelled field artillery (Self Propelled Howitzer / SPH).

The first Atmos 2000 system will be operated by RTA 721 Artillery Battalion that will replace the howitzer system SPH M-109A5 Paladin type of US-made. As is known, Thailand through the Weapon Production Centre - Defence Industry and Energy Centre together with Elbit Systems has developed a new variant of Atmos 2000 SPH, and Thailand has a license to produce its own under the supervision of Elbit Systems.

Atmos 2000 SPH system in its Thai version has a weight of about 22 tons, cannon 155mm / 52 caliber with a range of 42km shots made by Soltam (which was later acquired by Elbit Systems) Israel. Platform vehicles used are Czech-made Tatra 6x6.

There is a distinct reason why Thai Army finally adopted a system Atmos 2000 although earlier mengoperaikan Caesar 155mm SPH, not least because the RTA Field Artillery units currently operate 32 howitzer pull Soltam M-71 type made in Israel. By having a license to manufacture Atmos 2000, the pull-type howitzer will be converted into SPH based system Atmos 2000.

Royal Thai Marine Corps currently operates two types of drag that caliber 105mm howitzers and 155mm caliber. 105mm howitzer used is a type of US-made M101 number of 36 units, while the 155mm howitzer 18 units consisting of 12 units of GC-45 howitzer and 6 units of GHN-45 howitzers artificial APU A1 Austria. GHN-45 howitzers attraction also used by Thai Army with the number of 92 units.

(Defense Studies)

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