domingo, 29 de mayo de 2016

Glonass sobre Indonesia

Russia is Negotiating the Deployment of the GLONASS System in Indonesia

The navigation satellite "GLONASS-M" 

Russia is negotiating the deployment of the GLONASS system in Indonesia, according to the materials to the Russian president's meeting with the head of Indonesia in Sochi.

"Negotiations for placement in Indonesia Russian GLONASS stations", - stated in the certificate.

Flight tests vysokoorbitalnyh domestic navigation system, called GLONASS were launched in October 1982, the GLONASS system was adopted in 1993, the trial operation.

In 1995, the orbital group of the whole (24 satellites) and began full-time operation has been deployed. The system allows for continuous global navigation of all types of users with different levels of requirements to the quality of navigation software.


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