domingo, 8 de mayo de 2016

Real Ejército Tailandés busca nuevo 6x6 APC

RTA Seeking Approval for the Draft Requirement on its New 6x6 APC

RTA seeks new 6x6 vehicle 

RTA military equipment standard committee draft up the requirement for the new APC prior to the start of competition.

The requirement is at least diesel-engine 6x6 APC with all terrain capability. Capable of carrying 11 equipped troops with the minimum protection for the 7.62 mm bullet. It must have an automatic turret with remote control from inside the APC.

Radio must be a frequency-hopping FM radio compatible with the system RTA currently operated. The APC must be commissioned in the manufacturer's nation with the 15 years spare part guarantee.

It is unclear whether the DTI 8x8 BWS currently developing by DTI will be eligible to participate in the competition consider there is no exception for the APC developed in Thailand.


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