martes, 28 de junio de 2016

Paracaidistas chinos con bicicletas

Surprise! Paratroopers land among the special motorized using bicycle Sambo

Army special maneuver Sambo, in addition to assault vehicles, off-road motorcycle reconnaissance two power unit, there are still "human" paratrooper mountain biking. Special Warfare Command to "play hide, mobile, uncertain, surprise, shock characteristics unpowered motor vehicles", to describe the special combat soldiers paratroopers riding mountain biking effect, will use the secret infiltration of mountain passes used in combat .Special Operations Commander Liu Xie Qing said, especially section 60 guns still use the army has not used, because that is lightweight, suitable for parachuting, bicycle use is the same reason. Cycling has become a paratrooper barracks even formally included in the special warfare equipment, will be scheduled to verify the car with the personnel parachute subjects.
Army special operations paratrooper bicycle proven, in the Republic of China on January 1 102 paratroopers will be mountain biking Na Rute troops into battle dress, there is currently preparing 80, and with all special operations battalion assigned to each company-sized units, battalion even with their own four-level units, the Army has been adopted the bicycle as a special combat maneuvering vehicle is imitating the US military. Especially since the Ministry of the Republic of 102 paratroopers will incorporate one of mountain biking mountain passes and march with the airborne special warfare training base year term.
US troops in early 1997, will be capable of folding paratrooper SUVs as light armored vehicles and Humvees equipped with the subsidiary, to support large vehicles can not reach the place, the US military has become a battlefield soldiers in the news front, the camp zone traffic moving interview tool.
Especially the ministry said, when considering 70% of the island of Taiwan is mountainous and hilly terrain of the complex, in the case of small and medium condition of the vehicle can not move forward in a lightweight, foldable characteristics, can bind to small and medium tactical vehicles used by paratroopers bike, you can combined with personal tactical vehicles to continue to their destinations, to perform combat missions.
Especially the ministry said demand paratroopers build off-road bike, derived from the special operations forces bear the self-assistance and friendly forces to perform combat tasks mountain passes points, while Taiwan is mostly mountainous complex mountainous terrain, the use of off-road vehicles in addition to effective paratrooper increase troop mobility, the coordination of contact between the armed forces, the secret infiltration and surprise effect is a significant increase in efficiency, in addition to providing special combat soldiers outside to perform multivariate tasks, including reconnaissance, disaster relief and material transport, but also reduce the burden on workers during exercise, small investment big benefits.
Especially the ministry said special operations forces to strengthen operational effectiveness, according to the needs of missions and combat paratrooper purchase mountain biking, off-road motorcycle reconnaissance, assault vehicles and other motorized transport tools, used in a variety of combat training mission play, combined with tactics as, mining small group, multi-sport, play special warfare secrets penetration and the effect of surprise, this bike provides the main power output can not be reached with the Department in providing penetration, reconnaissance and contact with the enemy and so versatile, and support for having lost one tactical missions follow doctrine specification.
Especially the Ministry said the ministry special four camps in mountain passes during training camp in October 103, departing from the Chiayi Loyalty to the camp, the route passing through Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, Acacia Hill, Yilan Datong, Jiaosi, crossing Happen trail enters Taipei Wulai, Back Longtan, Taoyuan Dasi Wuhan camp, which lasted 23 days, the entire 520 km of the paratroopers battalion reconnaissance platoon mountain biking throughout the trainees, the companies arrived in the highest elevation of Acacia Wuling mountain, elevation of about 3416 meters, a soldier paratrooper bike ride Peak .

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