jueves, 28 de julio de 2016

Vietnam quiere tanques T-90MS

Vietnam to Buy the Number of T-90MS Tanks Larger than Planned


To meet the needs of Vietnam has conducted meetings and ordering buy new tank T-90MS from Russia to gradually replace obsolete types. Representatives of Russia has stated that, Vietnam will buy much larger quantities than the original figure of only 28 units.

According to the manufacturer introduced uralvagonzavod, T-90MS tanks are equipped with the engine capacity of 1,130 horsepower with the automatic transmission 7 forward gears and one reverse gear, Sosna-U PNM viewfinder, automatically controlled turret UDP T05BV-1 RWS mounted 7.62 mm caliber Dalian, inertial navigation systems GLONASS and in particular with explosive reactive armor new enhanced protection capabilities.

Earlier it was reported that Vietnam has agreed to acquire T-90 or T-90A. They are earlier versions of T-90MS. Compare physical characteristics and their ability to fight is clearly superior to T-90MS.
Currently, the situation of the region and the world is increasingly complicated and potentially conflicting. So the military modernization is one of the urgent needs of Army.


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