domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

Marines indonesios prueban la copia china del Contraves de 35mm

Marine Corps Air Defense Battery Test Function Norinco Twin 35mm

The ambiance test air defense artillery 35mm Twin-made Norinco, China 

Marine Corps Hold Function Test Modern Air Defense Artillery Cannon

Dispen Kormar (Sukabumi). Marine Corps held a function test of the Air Defense Artillery cannon type Twin 35mm towed AA Gun, led by Commander Marine Artillery Regiment 2nd Marine Colonel Aris Setiawan at the beach Stone Star, Cipatuguran Village, District Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi, Friday (12/08 / 2016).

Twin 35mm cannon towed cannon AA Gun is a product of PT. Norinco China's new generation are designed in accordance with the advancement of technology and the development of air attack capability and is capable of firing missiles, ballistic missiles and unmanned aircraft (drones).

The specifications are owned by the modern cannon that caliber 35mm, has a 2 barrel, shoot speed 1100 grains per minute, effective range of 4000 m, 3000 m altitude effective firing with an average speed of reaction of 6.5 seconds and is controlled automatically from the radar room AFF 902 FCS by firing simultaneously or can also be controlled manually by 3 crew perpucuknya if the automated system is experiencing problems.

In this trial, a total of 4 shoots towed 35mm cannon Twin AA Gun, 4 units Power supply unit (PSU), 1 unit of AF 902 FCS radar and Radar Ranrik collaborate shot down an unmanned aircraft (drones) are flown in as a target. The trial was conducted in order to see the ability to shoot cannon plans to strengthen the Marine Corps persentajaan become more modern, especially the Air Defense Artillery Battalion 2nd Marines (Yonarhanud-2 Mar).

After carrying out the function test, the review team Chief of Staff, Marine Corps Brigadier General (Mar) Kasirun Situmorang, Commander Pasmar-2 Brigadier General (Mar) Hasanuddin, Irkormar Col. Marines Bambang Priambodo and his entourage from the Ministry of Defense, TNI Mabesal and top officials in the ranks Marine Corps witnessed firsthand the working system of modern cannon.


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