domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2016

Sigue el desarrollo del BTR-4M ucraniano

Ukraine Continue Develops BTR-4M with Machine Gun

Modification of the BTR-4 (B1370) with a machine gun mount

Ukraine tested the new version of wheeled armored personnel carriers BTR-4 (B1370) with a machine gun mount, which is being developed for the Indonesian armed forces. Reported the

Earlier it was reported that several military vehicles on the basis of the BTR-4, including a machine gun mount has already been sent to Indonesia to conduct a series of benchmark tests.

The new version of BTR-4M has successfully demonstrated the potential customer a good nautical characteristics during testing in Saltov reservoir.

The new version of an armored personnel carrier was the German Deutz engine and additional side and head-on modules for improving the characteristics of seaworthiness and buoyancy.

It is reported that Marines (one of the branches of the forces of the Naval Forces of Indonesia) are interested in buying at least 50 wheeled combat vehicles after passing a series of tests, some units were shipped by expedition ship.

After the evaluation test will take a final decision on supplying of combat vehicles for the Indonesian armed forces.

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