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Ejército de Indonesia busca M113 anfibios italianos

Army Explores Bid Arisgator Transport Vehicles

Arisgator amphibious vehicle capable M113 variants 

Army Will Buy Vehicle Transport Arisgator, What a great thing?

Army is in the process of acquiring M113 troop transport vehicles, totaling together amount will be close to 200 units, or the equivalent mechanical strength to the three battalions. The next question is, what will be done with the M113?

M113 itself is iconic. Is widely used since the Vietnam War, is famous for troop transport vehicle stubborn, easy to maintain, and suitable for use in a muddy field or on the highway. Buoyancy is also very good, because of its box and simple.

Speaking of buoyancy, the only shortcoming M113 only propulsion system that is too simple. Although it can float on the water surface, the speed is relatively low because only rely on the movement of the chain only. Suppose M113 can move quickly in the water, of the transport vehicle's ground forces could be living in two worlds as an amphibious troop transport vehicles.

Well, this is the thinking underlying the modifications offered by an Italian company called ARIS (Applicazioni Rielaborazioni Impianti Speciali) SpA in Arisgator concept. The basic idea is the modifications and improvements to the M113 on buoyancy and propulsion sector so that such maternity M113 can be amphibious landing vehicle.

To achieve this goal, there are a number of modification kits prepared, that muzzle addition to the M113-shaped bow of the ship (or even muzzle crocodile) containing cork and rubber special lightweight and can increase buoyancy, plus panel pembelah waves that can spread when wade water , Similar additional panel affixed to the rear of the vehicle which is also home to the waterjet system. Box adder similar buoyancy can be spotted in the left-right Arisgator.

At the top, exhaust or exhaust lengthened by using a snorkel on the right side of the roof. Grille for the engine air inlet also given cover higher than vehicles that do not take in water when wading the river and the sea surface.

For propulsion system in the water, two hydrostatic propeller mounted at the rear of the bottom with a large size, capable of propelling the vehicle at a speed of 5 knots on the water surface. The propeller system can be moved independently to make Arisgator turn when maneuvering on the water surface.

The prime amphibious capability makes Arisgator can be used to conduct an amphibious landing operations, released from the ship LPD to swimming, reaches the surface, and fight. Modifications Arisgator itself does not affect maneuverability on the ground when compared with the M113. For matters of armament is the same, Arisgator only provide dome systems and stand with the waves splashing retaining walls, plus a holder for M2HB machine gun or a 40mm grenade launcher MK19 Mod 0.

Overall, the M113 is behind and change into Arisgator arguably similar to amphibious landing vehicle LVTP-7, but more mini size. His figure is clearly growing longer than the M113 which is shaped like a box of soap, and the ability amfibinya so suitable for amphibious landing operations or operations in the flow of the river and its estuary so Weka increasingly like.

In Italy, Arisgator given the official name of VAL and used by the San Marco Regiment Battalion Landing AL Italy. In Indonesia, the concept Arisgator has several times offered to the Army, as from the beginning of 2000. Along with the acquisition of M113 by the army, reportedly currently being explored again about the compatibility with the needs of the military to support the mechanical operations.


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