sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2016

Pod Litening III para los Gripen tailandeses

RTAF Gripen Equipped with LITENING GIII Pod


RTAF Gripen C/D 

Royal Thai Air Force taken delivery of LITENING GIII Pod.

Earlier, RTAF ordered the Sniper ATP to be equipped with F-16AM/BM of 403 sqn. At the same time, ThaiArmedForce.com received report that RTAF also ordered the LITENING GIII for Gripen.

Litening III pod on Gripen D 

Official photos from Wing7 - the RTAF Gripen home base - confirm its existent of the pod in which pilots and technician are currently receive the training with the pod.

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  1. muy buena herramienta para detectar objetivos enemigos www.defense-arabic.com