jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Rusia regala 6 MiG-29s a Serbia

Russia agreed to transfer six MiG-29 to Serbia


As the portal «opex360.com» in the material «La Russie va livrer 6 avions MiG-29 à la Serbie», Serbia has found the opportunity to upgrade its fleet of fighter aircraft. With reference to the Russian and Serbian media publication reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has given his consent to the donation of six Serbian MiG-29 from the presence of the Russian Defense Ministry. However, due to the Serbian side will be carried out pre-sale preparation of these aircraft, as well as a small upgrade. As a result, the total value of the contract is estimated at $ 50 million.

Take off of a pair of MiG-29 Russian VKS, 3624-I air base in "Erebuni" airport, Armenia, 03/12/2016 (c) tankasan.livejournal.com

At the same time Russia has offered Serbia to put on the "friendly price" SAM "Buk". But the Serbian government has refused this offer as $ 60 million., Which should have been for this lay, were higher than the national budget possibilities.

Because of religious and cultural proximity Serbia maintains very good relations with Russia. In addition, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic expressed the opinion that the agreement with Russia for the supply of six MiG-29, can become a "sign of sincere cooperation, trust and friendship" from the Kremlin. Both countries and Belarus in early November, also took part in the exercise "Slavonic Brotherhood-2016".

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