sábado, 8 de abril de 2017

Blindados chinos para Tailandia

RTA Ordered 34 NORINCO ZBL-09

Norinco ZBD 09 

RTA ordered ZBL-09 from NORICO to be commissioned in the Cavalry Unit

Foreign correspondent said to TAF in LIMA 2017 yesterday that the Royal Thai Army signed the order to buy 34 ZBL-09 8x8 and 12,506 30 mm round from China's NORICO.

ZBL-09 can be compared to BTR-3E1 earlier procured and deployed in the infantry units. RTA will buy one battalion of ZBL-09 and aim for 2020 delivery at the price of 1.695 mil USD each. TAF believe that this order is a part of the 400 million Baht project to upgrade the RTA maintenance factory to be able to maintain and refurbish all Chinese-made vehicle in RTA, including VT-4 tank, Type-85 and ZBL-09. Thy aim to become the regional center for Chinese vehicle maintenance.


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