viernes, 21 de abril de 2017

Señuelos espectrales ofrecidos para los A400M malayos

Lacroix Offering Advanced Spectral Decoys for RMAF A400M Airlifters
Air Recognition

A400M Spectral Decoys 

As the Royal Malaysian Air Force officially inducted its fourth and final A400M military airlifter at the 14th Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition (LIMA), the French company Lacroix was promoting innovative spectral decoy systems to bolster the aircraft's auto protection.

Providing new spectral decoys systems for the RMAF A400M airlifters fleet would allows the country's air force to extend its range of missions, said a Lacroix representative.

Hitherto focused on domestic transport missions, the four A400Ms belonging to RMAF would be able to be deployed in several missions, such as tactical transport for peacekeeping missions.

Among others protection systems, Lacroix developed decoys launched through MBDA's SAPHIR-400 expendable dispensing system, specially designed to carry out auto protection for the A400M military transport aircraft.

In order to carry out its protective role for this platform, SAPHIR-400 features a very large decoy capacity and is fully integrated within the A400M Defensive Aids Sub System (DASS). The system comes with a comprehensive Pre-Flight Mission Support Equipment (PFMSE) allowing Library Generation and Verification.

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