domingo, 7 de mayo de 2017

Finalizan maniobras militares entre EAU y Malasia

UAE Concludes Joint Military Exercise with Malaysia

UAE and Malaysian Ground Forces take part in a joint military exercise 

ABU DHABI // A military exercise in Abu Dhabi between UAE and Malaysian ground forces, Desert Tiger 4, ended on Thursday.

The Desert Tiger series is an annual joint exercise between the two countries to highlight professionalism and efficiency of UAE Ground Forces troops and to raise their level of combat readiness.

Maj Gen Saleh Al Amiri, Commander of UAE Ground Forces, attended the military exercise along with General Dato’ Sri Zulkiple bin Hj Kassim, Malaysian army chief.

Desert Tiger 4 comes part of the UAE leadership’s continued desire to support and create distinguished partnerships between UAE and Malaysia.

Another aim is to promote mutual cooperation and achieve a common vision by sharing experiences, enhancing joint military actions, and raising the level of performance and combat efficiency.

The exercise also trains ground forces on the use of modern weapons for all types of combat operations.

The UAE Ground Forces have been drafting training plans for their personnel. The Desert Tiger 4 exercise highlighted the success of these plans, Wam said.


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