viernes, 16 de junio de 2017

Re-enlistarse en el US Army te paga 90 mil USD al año

Army to soldiers who re-enlist: We’ll pay you $90,000
By Tamar Lapin | New York Post

The Army is offering to pay up to $90,000 to soldiers as an incentive for re-enlisting.

The boost in bonuses and other new incentives is part of an effort by the Army to counteract downsizing that occurred during the Obama administration and to fulfill President Trump’s plan for Army growth.

The Army will up the amount of bonuses it’ll give out this year to $380 million, with rewards for intelligence or high-tech jobs reaching $50,000 to $90,000 for a three to five year reenlistment, according to the Associated Press.

To meet Trump’s mandate, which he released in February, the Army would have to find 6,000 new soldiers, add 1,000 new officers and convince 9,000 current soldiers to stay.

More money seems to be working.

Mst. Sgt. Mark Thompson, who works with army retention policies, said that there have already been more than 2,200 re-enlistments since May 24.

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