lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

Rusia amenaza con venganza por derribar un avión sirio

Russia threatens to retaliate after US downs Syrian fighter jet
Mark Moore - New York Post

Russian Su-25 ground attack jet takes off at Hemeimeem Air Base in Syria. AP

Russia said it would target US aircraft after a Navy fighter jet downed a Syrian air force plane that dropped bombs near militia fighters aligned with the United States, according to reports.

“Any aircraft, including the international coalition’s planes and drones, discovered west of the river Euphrates, will be accompanied by ground and air-based anti-aircraft defenses as aerial targets,” Moscow said in a statement Monday.

The US said it acted in “collective self-defense” when an F-18 Super Hornet on Sunday shot down a Syrian SU-22 that had attacked a site near Tabqa occupied by members of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The fighters are assisting the US-led coalition in Syria in its efforts to wipe out Islamic State terrorists.

Syria said the plane was targeting militants with the terror group.

Russia, which is backing the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, called the downing of the Syrian jet an “act of aggression” that violated international law.

“This, if you like, is help for the terrorists that the US are fighting under what they call their anti-terrorism policy,” said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

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  1. Si hay alguien que está haciendo todo lo posible por armar gran lío en Siria, ese es EEUU. Tensar demasiado la cuerda puede desencadenar un conflicto de dimensiones globales. Las mentes calenturientas del Pentágono pueden llevarnos al infierno con otro error.

  2. Me sacaste las palabras de la boca,estimado,el Cowboy Trump,esta pensando mucho la cuerda en esa zona del mundo.