lunes, 14 de agosto de 2017

Buque escuela indonesia sigue su travesía de instrucción

KRI Bima Suci Continues with its Navigation Tests

KRI Bima Suci training ship 

The sailboat for Indonesia's navy continues with its navigation tests and set up "KRI Bima Suci".

KRI Bima Suci whose delivery is planned this year, is a three-masted brigantine sailboat with 3,350 m2 of sail, 110 meters in length by 12 , 6 of mango and 5.5 of draft.

The sailboat equipped with five covers and able to accommodate a crew of 200 people between crew and cadets, will be supported by a diesel auxiliary engine of the MAN type Diesel & Turbo 6L/21/31 A six-cylinder in-line engine with a power output of 1320 KW.


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