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Vuelve al servicio Hawk indonesio

Hawk Mk-209 TT-0204 Completed Undergoing Major Servicing


Hawk Mk-209 TT-0204 

After Implementing Major Servicing Hawk MK-209 Back Home 

Penlanud Abd - The Hawk Mk-209 aircraft is a British-made British Aerospace (BAE) light aircraft with the IS-002 serial number and registration number TT-0204 entered Sathar for major servicing maintenance on 26 October 2016 and 15 September 2017 the aircraft has finish the treatment period and ready to follow the next exercise.

The Hawk Mk-209 TT-0204 fighter aircraft belonging to Air Squadron 12 Lanud Roesmin Nurjadin Pekan Baru After nearly a year of maintaining Major Servicing in Sathar 32 Depohar 30 Lanud Abd Saleh Malang, today Friday (15/9) was handed back to home basenya on the Sathar apple field 32 Depohar 30 marked with the signing of the submission by the Commander of the Department of Prime Minister Colonel Tek Edy Supriyono, SE to the pilot Major Pnb Ferdinal Umar accompanied by Captain Pnb Martono witnessed by Commander Sathar 32 and the officials of Depohar 30 and its members.

Maintenance Unit 32 (Sathar 32), implementing unit under Depo Maintenance 30 (Depohar 30) Lanud Abdulrachman Saleh Malang has the task of carrying out the heavy-duty maintenance / repair of various fighter aircraft of the Su-27/30, Super Tucano, Hawk 100/200 and aircraft Cassa C-212.

"After almost a year on September 15, 2017, Sathar 32 has successfully undertaken a major servicing service of Hawk Mk-209 fighter aircraft under the command of Commander Sathar 32 Major Tek Slamet Riyanto, ST, and has test flight several times with results good. "His firm to this day Hawk Mk-209 aircraft still test flight by flying a low pass in the area of ​​Abd al-Abd Saleh. Based on SPT: Spt / 1769 / IX / 2017 Date 15-09-2017 Aircraft stated release plan hawk Mk-209 will return to the nest Date 18 September 2017.

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